Fans were reminded that Al Michaels is human during Thursday night’s Amazon Prime broadcast of the 49ersGiants game.

The legendary broadcaster had a major mess up, which sparked quite the social media reaction.

“So you think about the 49ers, this is a franchise that has won four Super Bowls, Bill Walsh won two, George Seifert won two,” Michaels said.

However, Michaels clearly forgot to mention one of the 49ers’ other Super Bowl titles since the franchise actually has five championships. Walsh, a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, led the team to three titles, not two.

Michaels later corrected his mistake when the game came back from commercial, highlighting that the 49ers have five Super Bowls.

The Giants do have four Super Bowls, like Michaels mentioned.

Even with the correction that came soon after in the broadcast, fans quickly took note of Michaels’s gaffe and blasted him on social media. The 49ers fans are proud of their team’s five Super Bowls, so it makes sense why many people would want to clarify the mistake.