In any relationship, breakups can be tough. Whether you’re the one calling for things to end or on the receiving side, both parties are often left in a state of uncertainty and unease. For functional and mature split-ups, though, both sides will ultimately just want the other to be happy. Which brings us to the healthiest “wishing good luck to my ex” team of the day: the Indianapolis Colts.

Less than three weeks after the Colts fired him midseason, Frank Reich has landed back on his feet after being hired by the Panthers. The team’s official Twitter account opted to go the grown-up route upon seeing news of the move, wishing their former coach well and even calling him a “good man.”

“Great” would have been better than “good,” but the thought still counts.

Even though things ended abruptly, Reich and the Colts had some good times. Reich was the head man in Indianapolis for four-and-a-half seasons, guiding the team to playoff appearances in 2018 and ’20 before getting let go after a 3-5-1 start to this season. Now, he’ll take over a Panthers team that nearly rallied for a division title after firing Matt Rhule midway through the year.

As for the Colts? They’re still on the hunt for their next head coach. But when they find one, all eyes will be on Reich to see what type of public response he offers.