HOUSTON, Texas. (WTNH) — It’s a common routine when leaving for anywhere. Robert LaBonne Jr.’s father gets his walker, ID, wallet and his good luck charm; a hat covered in commemorative pins representing decades of UConn history.

LaBonne and his father were devastated to discover the good luck charm was missing on Saturday night.

“All of a sudden we’re all scrambling,” LaBonne said.

The hat was last seen on 87-year-old Robert LaBonne while he was talking to 2004 National Champ Emeka Okafor after the Final Four win.

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The Watertown resident has been to every men’s championship game, with pins to prove it. Over the years the hat has sparked countless conversations about his favorite teams. 

“He loves to talk about it,” LaBonne Jr. said “He was getting high fives coming all through the stadium at the pre-party that UConn had over next to the stadium. He is just magnetic. People just love him. He exudes that joy and excitement.”

LaBonne Jr. told News 8 the hat went missing sometime after the Final Four game when they headed back to their Airbnb. First they checked with their Uber driver but who said he didn’t find anything.

Now the 87-year-old’s family is pleading to the Husky Nation to help out a fellow fan.

“I’m getting messages from people all over the country. It’s got to be out there. Someone has got to find it so it can get back to my dad, it just brings him joy,” LaBonne said.

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The 87-year-old still has one remaining pin from his collection of over 50 pins. The family says they did not put Saturday’s final four pin on the hat yet, but hope to put it on soon if the hat is found.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact Mr. LaBonne, who has offered a reward for their family’s beloved good luck charm.

You can reach him by email: bobjr@labonnes.com.