CONNECTICUT (WTNH) — The weather is getting nicer so why not get out and enjoy it?

Here are eight bodyweight moves to use in your outdoor workout from Knockout Fitness trainer John Atallah.

Jumping jacks

To warm-up, we’re going to start with a simple yet powerful move.

“Let’s get that heart rate up,” Atallah said. “It helps you loosen up the shoulders, loosen up the feet so when you get into your exercises, you don’t feel so tight. It’s a great workout to be done first.”


Next is another exercise you can to anywhere.

“Squats are primarily quads, hamstrings, glutes; they’re great for coordination, leg stability [and] engaging the core,” Atallah explained.

Jump and twist squats

Next, add a twist and a jump.

“With that twist in your squat, you’re working the core a little more, getting the obliques involved; a little more explosion from the feet, popping into the air.”


You can also improve coordination with some up-downs.

“It’s a great exercise to be done to build up your athletic ability and to get that heart rate up to your target heart rate level.”


Let’s keep it up with some high knees.

“It’s a total body function. Great for coordination, it really works the cardiovascular endurance.”


If you have bench, add some step ups to your routine.

“It’s a total leg workout, adding coordination, it’s a little bit more advanced, a little more balance and coordination involved here.”

Box jumps

“Box jumps are just another advanced workout to build the muscular power in your legs,” said Atallah.

Long jump with burpee, push up

Let’s finish strong, this move keeps your heart rate up while working your whole body.

“A long jump with a burpee and a push up in between, you’re working the legs, working the core, works the arms a little more by throwing the push up into our burpee.”

“One thing to keep in mind, especially as the weather is changing back and forth, is to dress in layers,” he added.

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