CONNECTICUT (WTNH) — We’re spending a lot more time bored at home and a lot of time stressed out, which can be a recipe for emotional eating. So, what do you do to combat those cravings?

News 8 went to registered dietitian and nutritionist Jamie Lee McIntyre for some advice.

Tip one: Take control by designating times to eat meals and snacks.

“You’re going 100% all day and you might forget to eat, and then your hunger hormones have really built up and are very intense,” said McIntyre. “If you designate those times to eat and have a balanced meal, you’re going to feel much more in control of your appetite and you’ll be able to take a breath and go, ‘What do I need to eat right now? What’s available to me? What would be a good idea in this moment?'”

Tip two: Keep healthy snacks where you can see them.

“I like to keep healthy snacks in view and the foods you don’t want to eat, I put them away,” she said. “Out of sight out of mind, meaning if you are going to enjoy them you have to intentionally seek them out.”

One of those eye-level snacks? She likes to prepare some carrots and cheese sticks to grab and go. 

Tip three: Cut yourself some slack.

“Food is one of our greatest pleasures and one of the few pleasures we can partake in right now,” she said. “So, while I want everyone to do yoga and mediation and talk to people, food is going to be one of the tools in your toolbox.”

For more tips and tricks, follow her blog.