(WTNH) — If you’re looking for some balance and zen during this stressful time, two Wolcott sisters with a yoga and barre studio want to help you find serenity (and some really good workouts, too).

Emily and her sister, Amanda Audibert are helping you create that space in your own home.

“Creating that time and that space for yourself is super important right now, to connect with yourself and your breath,” said Emily.

They offer an array off barre and yoga classes — all virtually. Their business, True Blue Studio, has held classes like this for weeks, and so far it’s working out for them and their members.

“We actually offer more now that we’re virtual than we were able to at the studio,” said Emily. And new online this week — free meditation classes.

“Those are completely free because that’s something that really takes time to practice getting used to and the point of the meditation is to really quiet your mind,” said Emily, “and in doing that it really does provide you with that stress relief.”

True Blue also offers more active forms of stress relief, everything from slow flow yoga to power barre — at a drop-in rate of $5 per class.

“This is a tough time for all of us but our studio and so many other studios are providing that right now, so it’s really some time to take for yourself and your self-care,” Emily said.

True Blue Studio offers classes every day via Zoom. You can sign up on their website.