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April brings brush fire dangers

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The temperatures may not be that warm, but the brush fire danger this time of the year is extremely high. So, what is causing it and how do you prevent it from happening? 

Certainly, under conditions with gusty winds, they’re unpredictable. And you can find yourself in a bad spot really quick.

We see it every year, the brush fire danger spiking right around the time of spring.

“Lots of things combine together: There’s no leaves on the trees so the ground dries up really quickly, and the sun has direct contact. We have winds. And thirdly is a low relative humidity,” explained DEEP Forestry Director Chris Martin.

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It’s that combination that makes the brush fire danger especially bad during the month of April. The worst part is that most of these are caused by us!

And that can be by a careless cigarette butt thrown out the window, mowing equipment hitting a rock and causing a spark, even outdoor cooking can sometimes cause a fire when a stray ember gets launched off the grill by the wind. 

So, it’s extremely important to watch yourself around leaves and brush this time of the year, and remember that even the day after a rain storm, fires can easily spark up.

Don’t forget, the brush fire danger is very high, and will continue to remain very high not only through the rest of this month, but through the rest of spring as well.

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