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Connecticut residents ready for winter storm on Sunday night

(WTNH) - It was a lot of beep, bag and repeat at East Haven's T & J's Supermarket.

"It's storm, after storm, after storm, after storm" said shopper Denise Treiber.

And just the mention of Sunday night's winter weather moving through gave a boost to the normal Sunday shopping rush.

News 8 found Jason McCabe and his 3-year-old daughter, Ellie, on a mission for juice and snacks.

"She's probably going to have some cancelations for tomorrow, so we'll keep her entertained with sugar," stated McCabe.

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Not only did people have full shopping carts to make sure their stomachs were full, but we found people filling up on something else.

"I always keep gas in the tank. Full tank," explained Sam Rodriguez of East Haven.

Gas pumps at Forbes Premium Fuel were also crowded.

Drivers know it's just safer to have a full tank when you face a winter weather wallop. 

"This is New England. We're used to that. So, we just got to get ready for the snow," Rodriguez added.

Armed with gas and groceries, they're all prepped for the precipitation.

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