Fireworks use in Connecticut; what’s legal and what isn’t

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NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)–It happens every year; people get hurt lighting off their own fireworks. Even the ones that are legal can be dangerous in the wrong hands.

Stores are starting to sell out of sparklers and fountains, and people are flocking to town greens to watch the displays across the state.

First, it’s important to note what is and what is not legal in Connecticut.

“Connecticut general statutes makes all fireworks illegal with the exception of fountains and sparklers,” Detective Paul Makuc from Connecticut State Police said.

Illegal means not legal all year around, even during the 4th of July.

When using legal sparklers or fountains, keep in mind that they can be dangerous as well. They do not lift off the ground but just emit sparks.

Detective Makuc added, ” Any sparklers and fountains can’t be used by anyone under the age of 16 and we recommend that that be followed.”

Detective Makuc warns about the worst case scenario of children handling fireworks. “Back in 2007 we had a fatality that had a young 18 month child that was involved in a house fire that cause cause by his 4 and 5 year old cousins that lit a sparkler and it landed on a bed and caused a house fire.”

It’s the improper disposal which results in structure fires statewide, and we’ve seen an uprise in these fires this time of the year.

So be safe, and be smart. Only light one sparkler at a time and closely watch children if they’re going to partake in the fun.

Finally, make sure that after a fountain or sparkler dies out, you wait a few minutes to assure it’s safe and dunk it into a bucket of water before disposing it.

If this seems too complicated, there is a better alternative! You can attend a licensed display of a firework show this 4th of July and enjoy a fireworks display in a safe manner with the general public.


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