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NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) -- Based on the latest track of Jose, we're monitoring the potential for tidal flooding, strong winds, and power outages across Connecticut. The issues won't be isolated to just the shoreline, so how can you get ready? Here's what you need to do.

Before even heading out the door, there are some things you should check in your own home first. Number one is the grill. If you lose power you might need it to cook so make sure you have propane. Number two is to head to the basement to check the sump pump.

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"A lot of times there's a little basin and the pump is almost in the ground so where the water comes in, it's right there," explained David Katz of Goody's Hardware. "So, people can get a bucket of water, pour it into the hole and if the pump comes on and brings the water back out, it works."

If not, it's time to replace the pump, especially before rain arrives. Also, have an emergency preparedness kit ready with batteries, food supplies, and medications.

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Now, when you head out to the hardware store to grab supplies, if your driveway is pitched towards your house, it might be a good idea to pick up a handful of bags to fill with sand. If you don't have sand or dirt at your disposal, already packed bags are available at most hardware stores. A few layers of these will help guide the water away from your property, and only cost a few dollars.

The other component of Jose is the potential for damaging wind gusts. Because the leaves are still fully on the trees, it won't take as much to cause limbs to fall as it would during the winter-time. Because of this, make sure your generator is ready, just in case you do lose power!

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Just start it up, make sure it runs, run it for five to 10 minutes, and make sure the gas is cycling through. And just make sure you have power going to it, you want to put a cord in and test it with some of the appliances you have just to make sure its ready.

It's also extremely important to remember not to keep your generator in your garage, basement, or anywhere near your house! It can cause a fire or even worse, CO poisoning to you and your family

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