Start working now on getting a green lawn this year

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Sleeping Giant Golf Course in Hamden takes a tremendous amount of effort to make their greens look extra green. You can do that with your lawn as well, but you have to start doing the work right now.

At the golf course, keeping the grass green is a full-time job.

For a homeowner, getting the lawn nice and green is a tough task too. But it’s one that should be started right now. 

“The main thing with seeding is that you need a clean slate. You need to have the soil exposed because one of the keys to success with seeding is seed to soil contact,” Stacey said.

So, clean the yard up and remove any leaves or dead grass.

The next step is to buy some grass seed, but be aware, that cheap seed just won’t do the trick!

“It’s not going to be wonderful grass seed, they’re probably going to have a very low germination rate in it,” she added.

And a low germination rate means a lot of the seed will die off, so get a high-quality seed. It’s also important to use a starter fertilizer after you seed.

Finally, if the weather’s got you down, you’ll be happy to know that this damp and dreary weather is perfect for growing grass!

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