(WTNH) – To figure out how to call a Ceasefire in our state, Dr. Lorenzo Boyd, the vice president of diversity and inclusion at the University of New Haven, as well as the chief diversity officer, spoke about gun violence in the state.

He says the key to calm is mutual understanding.

“To eliminate the amount of guns we have far too many guns for every single person. Every single person in this country could have a gun, and then we still have more guns to give out. There are far too many guns on the street. Secondly, there’s a lot of People that have access to guns that shouldn’t. We need to look at tightening the laws. We need to look at mental health. We need to look at backgrounds. We need to do a lot of that because a lot of our police officers I just outmanned and outgunned on the street. And it shouldn’t be that way at all. There are a lot of police officers trying to do the right thing. but the problem is we start looking at police/citizen interactions when we start talking to people. we spend a lot of time talking about police escalation, but we need to look at the relationship long before the police and the citizen come together. we want police officers to understand the lived experience of the people that they’re policing. but, we also need them to understand the really hard job that the police have to do.”