(WTNH) – First up on This Week, we are in a new era where college athletes, some right out of high school, can make big money by endorsing products or being able to sell their image and name to companies.

University of Connecticut’s Paige Bueckers became the first college athlete to sign a big endorsement deal with Gatorade and a few days later, Azzi Fudd teamed up with NBA star Steph Curry in a sponsorship deal.

Coach Geno Auriemma and experts discuss this new era.

Turning to the pandemic. The latest COVID variant to be detected, omicron, is causing concern around the globe. This new strain was discovered by lab technicians in South Africa early last month. However, researchers still don’t know where it originated and it most likely was circulating for a while. Dr. Ulysses Wu sits down to discuss the new variant.

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