(WTNH) – First up on This Week in CT: it’s Superbowl Sunday!

The Los Angeles Rams are taking on the Cincinnati Bengals in the 56th Annual game.

This year, the only Connecticut connection is Bengal’s coach Ben Martin. The assistant offensive line coach is from Marblehead, MA, but he went to Trinity College in Hartford. He’s been with the team for three seasons.

No matter who wins the game on Sunday, it’s still a big win for one Hartford company. Gima Sports makes Superbowl gear sold in stores all across the country, and it’s not just merchandise for the game, Gima makes gear for the World Series too.

One of the biggest stories this week was the governor’s State of the State address to kick off the 2022 legislative session.

After it was all over, Dennis House spoke with Lamont on GMCT about the speech and what he hopes to accomplish.

Watch the video above for the full segment.