(WTNH) – This month marks 25 years since the Hartford Whalers left Connecticut, and while they are missed, some fans were pretty hard on the players back in the day.

News 8’s Dennis House dug up some footage from the archives from 1988. Then sports anchor Ken Strayhorn was interviewing Whalers legend, Ron Francis, about the negative response the team got from fans when they weren’t doing so well.

“Several times this year, the fans have started to cheer for the other team. Do you guys hear that, and does it affect your team,” Strayhorn asked. “It does have some effect on me. Nobody goes out there intentionally trying to lose. Everybody’s doing the best they can do. It’s just that some nights things just don’t go well for you, and you still want to try, you want to win, unfortunately, it’s not going your way and the boos start, but as professional athletes, you have to live with it. You just have to play through that, overcome it, and turn the situation around and win the hockey game,” Francis replied.

On to our Positive Vibes. A touching tribute this past week at Connecticut’s Iwo Jima Memorial Park in New Britain. More than two dozen students from Vinal High School spent their Wednesday morning honoring those who were killed in the WWII battle 77 years ago.

Watch the video above for the full segment.