(WTNH) – What is life after death? For a well-known CT DJ, she believes she got a sneak peek when she had a brush with death and went somewhere else when her life was hanging in the balance.

Cory Myers spends her mornings hamming it up with Damon Scott on Country 92.5, but last year her career and life almost came to an end.

Myers and her family were at the rink in South Windsor for her son’s hockey game in April of 2021.

“I went, climbed to the top of bleachers and I could not catch my breath and I sat down, and I put my blanket down and I looked at my son Grayson. I said, “go get dad and tell him I need some help,’” Myers said.

Next thing, Myers collapsed. She remembers going to a place she had never seen before.

“I was standing in this vision, I guess you would call it, and I took two steps in towards the light. I remember warmth and happiness and serenity and people around me and lights. Vibrant yellows, vibrant greens that look, the people were just running around and on hills and just walking and laughing and everything was bright and as vivid as it could possibly be,” Myers said.

Myers remembers hearing her husband, then she turned around and stepped away from her newfound paradise. She woke up to her husband and a crowd around her. She was rushed to the hospital.

She had a congenital defect in an aortic valve that she was born with, but was not discovered until six years ago. Cardiologists told her to take it easy and they kept an eye on it.

The morning of her collapse, Myers was an active mother of five.

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