(WTNH) – We are looking back at some of the most influential and impactful stories we’ve told this year on This Week in Connecticut. From shining a light on a judge who hasn’t shown up for years and is still being paid, to an environmental marvel changing the way energy is created in the state, and an exclusive tour of a top-secret Connecticut company.

First, an update to a story you heard first on This Week in Connecticut back in February. A Connecticut judge who has not shown up for work in more than two years and is still collecting paychecks went in front of a judge herself.

The state Supreme Court will decide whether Judge Alice Bruno should be removed or disciplined.

Scenes of the president flying in Marine One are a source of Connecticut pride. The helicopter was built by Sikorsky right here in the state.

Around 8,000 residents work at Sikorsky, most at the headquarters and main factors in Stratford along the banks of the Housatonic River.

The This Week team was invited inside the top-secret facility earlier this year.

Watch the video above for the full segment.