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Connecticut to charge $100 fee on trade-ins

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CONNECTICUT (WTNH) — As of October 1, when Connecticut residents go to trade-in their vehicles, they’ll have to pay an additional $100.

The extra fee will go right to the state’s General Fund, according to the Connecticut Automotive Retailers Association.

With all of the other taxes taking effect, residents said they’re getting more and more fed up.

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“It’s just one more tax that we have to pay,” said Sue Damico. “It is just out of control. You have to have a new car eventually. If your car breaks down you need to, unfortunately. It’s a tax I guess we would just have to pay.”

Some car buyers are making deals and trading in their used cars before the tax goes into effect.

“I traded in a Mercedes 550 SL and a Jeep Wrangler for a Corvette,” said Marty Nosal said.

Some car dealership owners said they’re worried that the new tax could affect sales.

“It’s $100,” sales associate Joshua Mahoney told NEWS8. “To a lot of people that could go a long way but we can help them with that hundred bucks.”

While some don’t agree with the fee, others think it’s a good idea.

“I’m okay with it,” one woman said. “I think they [the state] need it.”

Car dealers told NEWS 8 that buyers on a budget will feel it.

“When you are buying a $40,000 car or a $50,000 car, sometimes you don’t even see that 100, but if you are on a budget and you are buying a five to $10, 000 car then it makes a difference,” Mahoney said.

People said it might affect their car purchases in the future.

“You have to pay taxes but Connecticut is already way up there,” said Lisa Hayes.

“Isn’t there a limit,” Nosal asked. “I might think twice about it because I think it’s an unnecessary tax for the people that live in Connecticut.”

“It’s a rip-off,” Damico added. “We are being ripped off. Once again.”

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