HAGERSTOWN, MD (WTNH)– Peter Manfredonia, the UConn student accused of killing two men in Connecticut, represented himself and waived his extradition in a court appearance in Maryland on Thursday.

Manfredonia was captured in Maryland after a multi-state manhunt. He appeared in a Washington County District Court room on Thursday via videoconferencing from jail.

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Manfredonia answered the judge on his own behalf, declining representation. However, a public defender was present on the call.

Manfredonia also waived his extradition, surrendering voluntarily to be moved back to Connecticut.

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“The state of Connecticut has requested that you be returned there for trial for an alleged crime of murder,” said Judge Terry Myers to Manfredonia.

Connecticut authorities now have 30 days to transfer Manfredonia from the Maryland jail where he is currently being held.

Attorney Mike Dolan, who represents the Manfredonia family, said he expects the 23-year-old to be back in Connecticut no later than June 8.

“I was actually hoping he’d return with the state police who are down there, but apparently, they decided not to bring him back today,” Dolan told News 8. “I have been in touch with the State’s Attorney’s office, and there’s talk of bringing him back next week or possibly June 8 when the courthouse in Rockville reopens.”

WATCH: Dolan speaks with News 8 after Manfredonia’s arrest

Dolan said he was able to speak with Manfredonia and said he was “exhausted and scared” after running.

“He has been diagnosed with anxiety and depression and has been treated with professionals for those conditions. Peter has no history of violence, no history with law enforcement, no criminal involvement.”

Dolan did not wish to comment on if Manfredonia knew the men he’s accused of killing.