NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Testing is an important part of the plan to battle the virus. That’s why there are now more testing locations open longer, and the state is looking at adding even more.

The state arranged for 23 sites, and there are hundreds more run by hospitals and pharmacies. All told there are about 400 testing locations in Connecticut right now.

Testing helps people to know when they are sick so that they can isolate and keep from getting anyone else sick. It also helps the state better plan when it knows how many people are sick, where they are, and what variant they have.

The one downside is the company the state hired to manage its 23 testing sites will no longer be doing that by the end of the next month.

The commissioner of the CT Department of Public Health says they’re working on it.

“We had competitively bid for vendors who are ready and willing to pick up those sites. And so over the next several weeks we are going to be identifying, and this is for the 23 existing state sites, and then the additional new ones that we were setting up to have a total of 30 state sites that we will be able to do with vendors that are already agreed upon in terms of with DPH.”

Another thing the state has been working on is a way to prove you’ve been vaccinated without having to keep your little card with you at all times.

So they’ve come out with a digital vaccine passport. New York did the same thing. It’s just an app on your phone that holds your vaccine information.

Some folks are worried the info on it could end up n the wrong hands.

“It’s very clear with regard to the Smart Health card that data is very secure,” said Josh Geballe, CT Chief Operating Officer. “For people who are concerned about this topic, they may want to look a little closer at all the other apps on their phone.”

And that’s all this is, another app on your phone. It means you can leave the vaccination card at home and keep it from getting tattered and torn. Instead, you just pull up the app and show your phone to the folks at the restaurant or theater, and then they know you can be vaccinated.

The state is not requiring people to use it. It’s just a way of making it easier to prove you got your shots.