Rainfall damages thousands of cars throughout the state

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The flash floods wiped out Bryan Poole. He lives in Hamden, and not only did water filled his apartment, but submerged his car.

“I was going to work, and I was stepping out and I stopped and I couldn’t go any further. I look over my car, it’s halfway in water, I don’t know what to do.”

He is not alone.

“We have some of our insurance companies that we work with telling us that they recently had 1200 cars that they totaled down in the Hamden area, because they were all on the same lot. They had 8 inches of water come into the vehicles.”

Dan Hovey at Turnpike Motors Auto Body says there have been thousands of damaged cars across the state. Some can be saved, while others can’t.

“Water is a nightmare on vehicles. We have had a storm each week that has caused vehicle damage”

Hovey says water damage is a tricky thing, because the next day when the water has drained out of your car, there can still be water in the engine. If you start it, you can get hydrolock.

“Hydrolock just means you have taken in water into the motor and water cannot compress like air or fuel. So when your engine tries to compress the water inside of it, the damage is done.”

Hoovey says best thing to do, watch the weather forecast, don’t ignore that alert on your phone, and if you know there’s typical areas that flood in your neighborhood, park on high ground.

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