The proper way to bundle up when temperatures take a cool drop

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It may not be busier than normal outside the mall right now but by the time you get out for Black Friday shopping this place is going to be a mob scene.

If you’re waiting in line outside dressing appropriately is extremely extremely important, especially with the cold temps we have on the way.

While online shopping has slowed down the Black Friday craziness a bit.  

“Consumers are getting really savvy, they’re finding their sales online or through their email from their favorite retailers”, says Kelly Frantz, Marketing Director at Connecticut Post Mall

Regardless, folks will still be flocking to stores across the state late Thanksgiving evening to get an early start to their holiday shopping.

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Especially some of the bigger retailers that have huge sales going on like Target and Macy’s they have specific deals that people will come and wait in line for.

While we aren’t expecting any snow this year, we are looking at extreme cold, but it won’t stop some of the shoppers.

Xavier Ycaza, West Haven :46-:54] “I am still going out this year on Black Friday it’s kind of like a tradition for me I have to do it”, says Xavier Ycaza of West Haven. 

Regardless of how cold it is?

Yes, regardless of how cold.

But with that cold comes a real risk for frostbite and the symptoms might be harder to recognize than you think.

“It can be painful initially but then it can get kind of numb so people don’t really realize how much damage is being done to the tissue”, said Dr. Robert McLean of Northeast Medical Group

So bundle up, but do it the right way!

Make sure that they have a, warn adequate shoes and socks. They need to be having gloves with them that are warm and just keep in mind sometimes when it’s really cold to be jumping around and moving their hands to keep blood flowing better than otherwise might be.

So cover up, cover every inch of exposed skin, and wear lots of layers as you head out over the coming days! 

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