Wet leaves can be as slippery as ice out on the roads

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It has been a very busy and dangerous week and Connecticut highways, and we got to see it firsthand, as News8 rode along with Trooper Chris Valente of the Connecticut State Police. Within minutes there are multiple accidents just in and around the Hartford area.

“How busy of a night has it been? Tonight it has been fairly busy, it’s been study, I’ve had about three accidents, Monday I took about six just myself, so it does get busy around here.”

There have been multiple fatalities this week from the dump truck rollover, two pedestrian struck running across the highway.

State police are warning drivers, it’s wet out and with more rain on the way, the roads are very slippery.

Trooper Valente says especially in the first couple minutes it starts to rain.

“It’s slippery with the loose leaves on the asphalt people can go right off the road. We’ve already had a couple of one car accident for people or just sleeping right off the road.”

AAA is warning it’s members, be careful this time of year.

“If you’re following someone, you need to increase following distance. So you have time to react.”

Fran Meiko with AAA says fall conditions with wet leaves on asphalt roads, you need to treat that almost like a snowstorm. It can be that slippery.

“When you were taking turns, don’t take quick tight turns, because you can fishtail.”

And that’s what state police say, tree wet leaves just like icy roads

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