(WTNH)–Central Connecticut State University has released its state taser reports, and the numbers are down overall, by 68 instances when a taser was used by Connecticut police.

Ken Baronne, one of the researchers on the project, says that when you look at the numbers of police interactions to tasing, it’s not as high as you might think.

“Over 100,000 arrests in Connecticut in 2016. 542 people involved in a taser incident, so the vast majority of interactions with law-enforcement do not result in the use of a taser,” Barrone said.

About half of the people tased were suffering from mental health issues, and when the study broke it down by race, 56% were minorities, which is a trend David McGuire at the ACLU doesn’t like.

“We have never called for the evolution of tasers in Connecticut, but we do think it has a place, but what this report shows is there they are being overused and disproportionately used on certain very vulnerable populations.”

The ACLU and researchers both agree this is a really good start. As a matter of fact, Connecticut is the only state in the country that is keeping track of the number of people that are tased.

However, they say these are just numbers at this point, they don’t have the stories behind them. Like if a 14-year-old is 6-foot-4 and 250 pounds or hundred pounds when police tased him. Baroness says he would like to see more accurate information so they can drill down and determine motivation behind using the Taser.

“The collection of more data might help us to better understand if the taser is actually serving that goal of reducing injuries and acting as a less lethal force option.”

The taser is considered less lethal, and a good tool for law enforcement to safely end violent end potential he dangerous situations. The idea behind the study is to make all of the numbers and incidences transparently public.