NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) Emerging information reveals that the COVID-19 omicron variant

Health experts are not surprised that the omicron variant is 2 to 3 times more likely to spread than the delta variant considering how our behaviors have changed.

“They’re back at work they’re back at schools, and so not surprisingly we see more people at risk of getting a reinfection of a new variant,” says Yale Medicine Physician Arjun Venkatesh.

And while experts have followed COVID-19 hospitalizations as a key marker, now more is being known about long COVID-19 according to a new CDC report.

Sot/ 4;39 first there’s conditions that people are at higher risk of getting such as a blood clot in their lungs or maybe even mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety after a covid infection.

Doctor venkatesh says the study reveals that some after a covid infection will have other long term symptoms

Sot/ 4;57 these might be the real burdens of covid that we have for years to come.

And will so called “waves” of covid variants become our new normal?

Sot/ 5:35 hopefully these waves remain mild, and that these mild infections sort of go to the past and then we get ready for a future variant or a future wave, maybe every year.

And doctor venkatesh’s advice on travelling this summer?

Sot/ 5:50 go on vacation it’s important that we travel and start to get life back to normal and a lot of the things we enjoy doing with our families.

He says travel safely and use the safety meaures that are available.

Sot/ 6:10 we have rapid tests that you can use to make sure that any symptom is not indicative of covid. You can eat outside hopefully you’re going somewhere warm where we know that transmission is very low.

One more sign that people are getting more comfortable getting out at this point in the pandemic?
..According to triple a this memorial day is supposed to be the busiest for travel in three years, that boom started earlier this spring.