In The Kitchen: Grunner on Wine – How to really get the most of BYOB restaurants

The Wine Guy, Gary Grunner joins us in the kitchen to help you get the most out of those Bring Your Own Bottle restaurants.

Grunner shares the things you should find out before you go to the restaurant:

  • Is there a corkage charge? BYOB may not mean free.
  • Review the menu and/or find out what the specials for the evening are.
  • Get the Chef involved: Ask the Chef what he or she would recommend being paired with their signature dish, or items on the menu that they have worked hard to put together.
  • Wing it: If you’re going with a group everyone should bring a favorite bottle or better yet something unique and then line them up and pair them with the restaurant’s menu.
  • Since you are spending less for the wine – spend more on the food.
  • If it’s a real special bottle or something unique share it – let the staff taste it, send a glass to the chef or another table.
  • Tipping: Give a nice tip think about it the waitstaff may be serving you the wines, supplying you with proper glassware, keeping your bottle(s) chilled give a nice tip.
  • Ask other guests if they know about any other BYOB’s that they were happy with.
  • Start a group go out once a month and BYOB with each other.

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