As a busy, working mom, trying to find the perfect outfit that is both professional and practical isn’t always easy…but the ladies from Pirouette NYC have come up with a solution!

Joining us today are the Co-founders Kate Bally and Melissa Lorenzo-Herve to tell you all about Pirouette NYC and what they offer.

In 2017, Kate and Melissa set out to empower professional women to own every room they enter with timeless dresses made of the highest-quality fabrics in small-batch productions.

Melissa designed the first Pirouette dress, Kate shared the vision with the second version, and together they’ve grown Pirouette NYC to the delight of customers across the US and Europe. 

Pirouette NYC’s mission is to save women time by creating the perfect day-to-night dress for women of all shapes and sizes.

“Find Your Best Dress” online today at