NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) -Every day life can be very stressful. Lifestyle and Wellness Expert Bianca Jade has some ways to help manage and reduce stress.

1. Gym Memberships and fees can be such a hassle and expensive.

  • The Pop-In app lets you go to any gym within their network and simply pay by the minute or hour.
  • You spend far less money because you’re only paying for however long your workout lasts.
  • You can pick a gym based on wherever you happen to be in the city.
  • Free app but you pay through the app for your gym time.
  • You are charged by the minute or by the hour (on average it’s $10-12/hour)
  • Great for people who are commuting and traveling.
  • Allows you to try a new gym as well as gym-hop.
  • Designed to make fitness more accessible.
  • All you do is scan your app at the front desk of the gym.

2. Most women know little about their menstrual cycle.

  • Natural Cycles is an app that helps you track your menstrual cycle to the very day, helps you identify which days you are most fertile based on whether you’re trying to get pregnant or not!
  • It comes with a basel thermometer that you keep at your nightstand in order to take your temp every morning.
  • These temp readings help to ensure accuracy and encourage you to log your menstrual activity.
  • Less stressing when it comes to your period and never again guessing about when your menstrual cycle is coming!
  • Monthly membership based app.

3. Not knowing where your loved ones are or if they’re safe is the worst feeling on earth.

  • Life360 is a Family Locator App that gives your family peace of mind because you can track each other.
  • Always know where your loved ones are especially in light of growing dangers in public arenas and events.
  • Keep track of your family when someone can’t answer the phone.
  • Great for families with younger children and teens who carry mobile phones.
  • Allows all family members to chat at once and together.
  • Alerts when your family members reach their destinations.

4. Playing with your phone while driving is dangerous and stressful

  • A feature on iPhone that allow you to stops all notifications while you’re driving -> less distraction in order to drive safely and keep your focus on the road.
  • Directions: Settings → Control Center → Do Not Disturb While Driving (which adds this button to your control center)
  • It will turn on automatically when your iPhone connects to your car via Bluetooth or when your iPhone senses driving motion.
  • Tell story about how my friend texted me while I was driving and the alert startled me and I hit a median while making a turn, messing up both wheels on that side of the car.

5. Blue light causes you to stay awake for longer.

  • A feature on your iPhone that changes the color of your display from blue light to a warmer end of the color spectrum so that you can sleep more and experience less sleep deprivation.
  • Directions: Settings → Display & Brightness → Night Shift
  • You can set the hours that you want it to change the color of your display so that you’re not exposed to over-stimulating blue light.
  • I set my Night Shift to turn on at 10 pm when I’m winding down for the night. It also reminds me to stop playing with my phone. It turns off at 7 am when my alarm goes off.