HAMDEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Republican lawmakers stood in front of a Hamden community center Wednesday morning and urged Governor Dannel Malloy not to veto the budget passed by the general assembly. If he does, they are urging Democrats to join them in a veto override.

Even though Democrats technically have control over the legislative branch, it was the republican budget plan that passed both houses in a late night session a week and a half ago. That’s because a handful of Democrats voted with Republicans. Governor Malloy has said all along he will veto that budget.Related: Gov. Malloy to meet with Republicans, veto their budget plan

With no other budget plan ready, that would subject the state to what Republican senators said this morning are “draconian cuts.” Even so, last we heard, the Governor still plans to veto the budget. If that happens, The Senate’s top republican says he will try to override that veto. The numbers are really against him, but he is already making his pitch to democrats.

“Are they going to play party politics and just hit the button ‘no’ because politics tells them to do so? Or are they going to say, ‘If I don’t override that, what am I doing to my town? What am I doing to my state? What am I doing to the disadvantaged? What am I doing to the poor? What am I doing for Care4Kids?'” said Sen. Len Fasano, the Republican Senate President Pro tem. “That’s the question they’re going to have to ask themselves, and if they’re honest and objective, and fair-minded, they will vote for the override.”

Senator Fasano was asked several times, realistically, what does he see happening and he stuck with the veto override plan, saying no one thought he would get the votes for his budget plan and he did. A veto override is much tougher, however. You need two thirds of both houses on your side. That would mean getting 6 democratic senators to vote against the democratic governor. Even tougher, it would mean 29 democrats in the house would have to flip their votes.

It is unlikely, but these are unlikely political times, and by the way, today is day 89 without a state budget in place.