WOODSTOCK, Conn. (WTNH) — Connecticut, stationed in the middle of Boston and New York City, is often overlooked in New England. However, the Constitution State is actually home to some incredibly luxurious houses.

Between gothic-style castles and a 60-acre private island, Connecticut has several unique sites for sale. Whether you’re in the market to buy, or simply an architecture enthusiast, we’ve compiled a list of must-see homes up-for-grabs.

450 Brickyard Road — Woodstock, Conn.

Tucked away on its own secluded piece of land in Woodstock is a stunning gothic castle, which looks like it was taken straight out of a fairytale. The piece of art, known as Chrismark Castle, is up-for-grabs with a $60 million price tag, and while that’s certainly steep, it’s the type of home fit for royalty.

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Two bridges lead to the castle, which is surrounded by water, and a forest envelops the land, adding a perfect backdrop to the pointed turrets and sharp architecture. Lion statues lead the way ahead of a gated entryway, setting the scene for pure exclusivity.

The building pays homage to both the Victorian and Medieval eras, with towers rising up to 126 ft. into the sky, and beautiful, traditional-style craftmanship.

While most modern-day castles have a more traditional exterior and modern interior, Chrismark Castle stays true to its gothic aesthetic through every inch of the home. Antique lighting fixtures hang from various ceilings, large knights are carved into a fireplace, and there’s an ample amount of candle holders mounted to the walls. From the cathedral arched doorways to the carefully crafted etches throughout the house, there’s so much beauty to take in.

A winding, spiral staircase, stained glass windows, and a circular bar are just a few more attractions within the home, as well as a raised stage and auditorium. In total, there are nine bedrooms, seven full bathrooms, three half baths, and 12 fireplaces. An in-law/maids apartment is also attached.

This isn’t just a castle — it’s an absolute dream home. The fantasy-turned-reality is a regal masterpiece that even the students of Hogwarts would envy.

Interested in this home or want to see more in-depth information? View the property, listed by John Pizzi of Randall, Realtors – Compass, via Zillow.