(WTNH)- Christmas may be the day after tomorrow, so even for those of us who have lots to do… it’s not too late to add a little festive cheer!

Local Blogger, Charlotte Smith, came to Good Morning Connecticut to talk about some last minute Christmas decor!

For easy door swag, Smith said to find an evergreen tree on your property or swing by a Christmas tree stand to ask for clippings. Then all you have to do is gather it together with a bright ribbon and add some ornaments!

For lights, lights and more lights, mini lights or even standard lights do the job. Smith says don’t feel limited to using them as strong lights, you can place them in a large glass vase or grab some recycled green bottles and thread them inside.

A third fun decoration is a paper Christmas tree. You can cut circles out of colorful paper, cut a line into the center point of the circle, then wrap around to make a cone shape. Smith says you can display various sizes for a cute Christmas experience.

Who doesn’t love glitter! Smith said for a nice sparkle you can add glitter to basic pillar candles. All you have to do is mix extra fine glitter with mod podge or elmers glue, tape off a straight line and paint the glitter onto the lower half of the candle.

Don’t forget about the old school paper chain, Smith say you can cut strips of paper and form them into a chain. Use smaller thinner strips for a less crafty look.

And lastly a simple Christmas terrarium. Smith says you can find a small glass jar or container, fill it with one inch of salt of faux snow, add a strip of LED micro lights and a bottle brush tree and you have some cute table decor.

To check out more of Charlotte’s ideas, you can visit her website, https://atcharlotteshouse.com.