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Looking for all of the answers? Match the numbers in the list below and in the video see what is “hidden in plain sight“. How many did you find?


  1. In round glass container on top shelf, there is a bracelet box that contains a small bag storing tabs of molly/ecstasy
  2. Incense to block smells
  3. On bracelet rack: Thick, silver bangle bracelet that is also a flask
  4. On bracelet rack: Red, yellow and green beaded bracelet disguised as a pot pipe
  5. Tan “Love” sign on middle shelf has cocaine/dollar/razor in bag taped on the back of it
  6. One of the books is really a safe, which contains a silver Brillo pad used for filtering crack pipes
  7. First hollow book on bottom shelf: Contains a medical marijuana joint, eye drops, pipe, pliers and rolling papers
  8. Second hollow book on bottom shelf: More marijuana, lighter, and tiny flask funnel
  9. Third hollow book on bottom shelf: Baking soda and dryer sheets stuffed in tube to reduce breath odor
  10. Marijuana sticker on notebook


11. Bungee cord for tying off when injecting drugs

12. Light-up pacifier to prevent grinding teeth while high on molly at a rave

13. Tennis balls- one of them was slit open to hide a bag of heroin


14. Fake iPhone; it’s really a flask

15. Water bottle cut open to hide items in between label; To hide magic mushrooms in this case

16. Tissue box with whippet container and vape battery hiding inside

17. Stuffed animal on the bed has a pouch. The pouch is holding a tin box with pipe screens/mesh in it

18. Bowl of gummy bears soaked in alcohol

19. On the window sill there is a fake soda can. Twist open the lid and, in this case, out comes rolling papers


20. Photo frame with bladder acid sheets inside

21. Trunk has socks in it. In the socks, there is a glasses case holding heroin, cotton balls, syringe, burnt spoon and shoelace

22. Brown backpack nearby has scale in it


23. Blue trashcan with burnt foil in it (sign of heroin use)

24. Bag on chair storing Narcan kit packaging


25. Middle shelf: Pencil case full of several items including:

  • Smoking pipe
  • Hollow pen for snorting
  • Huffing markers
  • Dabber
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Candle lighter
  • Ping pong ball (for beer pong)

26. Paper containing hash resin inside flashlight battery compartment

27. Crack pipe in wallet

28. Aerosol can for inhaling

29. Second lower shelf: more fake cans; these contain crack/cocaine

30. Scarf container: Bud grinders disguised as batteries

31. Bottom shelf: Flat mirror


32. Urine container with hand warmers (For forging drug tests)

33. Wine bottle