(WTNH)- It’s getting colder and colder which means more layers are being worn and when you get home, you may just throw those coats into the closet.

Professional Organizer Stefanie Jones came to Good Morning Connecticut to talk about tips for a clean closet.

Jones said to use thin, plastic hangers for coats, rather than large wooden hangers that take up more space. She said that velvet hangers are prone to break with heavier items. Over the door organizers are great for hats, gloves, scarves, umbrellas and kids boots. She said they can also help create more space in the closet. Another tip to help organize your closet is to add some command hooks for kids coats and bags that are easy for them to grab and return. And lastly, to create a space for shoes, use plastic bins, which Jones says are easy to clean, or shoe shelves which maximize storage to give shoes a home.

For more tips you can head to Stefanie’s website at http://therealisticorganizer.com.