NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Healthy lifestyle writer, motivational speaker and two-time breast cancer survivor, Caryn Sullivan of is here to share her favorite apps to make healthy living easy during the holiday season.

If you are interested in focusing on fitness:

7 MWC – The 7-Min Workout App – quick circuits that run in 7-minute increments

If you are interested in eating-clean:

Healthy Living – The Environmental Working Group’s Healthy Living App

If you are interested in finding peace and less stress:

Calm, Headspace or even Pandora Apps – There are a ton of apps that help introduce mindfulness and guided imagery practices

If you are interested in using non-toxic products:

Modern Essentials (Essential Oils) App – type in a condition (headache) or healthy desire (clear skin) and information will be presented about what essential oil to useAbout Caryn Sullivan

Healthy lifestyle writer, motivational speaker and two-time breast cancer survivor Caryn Sullivan spent nearly 20-years working in the world of sports and entertainment largely at Disney & ESPN and the Minnesota Timberwolves/Lynx. She performed well in an intense environment fueled by Diet Dr. Peppers and endless bags of baked chips.

It wasn’t until her wake-up call with stage IV cancer that she changed her focus from looking good to being well. She launched to chronicle her journey toward wellness by sharing stories and lessons learned through her own hardship. Caryn loves to inspire people to thrive in their lives.

Caryn has been seen on The Doctor Oz Show and is a regular wellness contributor to WTNH-TV and Huff Post. Caryn has inspired thousands to embrace wellness through her motivational speeches throughout the country. For more information or to hire Caryn, check out