(WTNH)- Many people get engaged over the holiday season, and whether you are planning a wedding for 2019 or 2020 there are basic steps every couple needs to do in order to start the process.

Lisa Antonecchia, from Creative Concepts by Lisa came to Good Morning Connecticut to talk about how you should prepare for your big day.

Antonecchia says the most important thing you should do first is speak honestly with all those that are putting money toward the wedding budget. Have a discussion about how much each person is contributing, then speak with one another about if you, as a couple, are adding money to the budget as well.

Second, now that you know the budget, as a couple, sit down and discuss what you have on your ‘must have’ lists vs. your ‘we can live with out list.’ Knowing exactly what your extractions are is important.

Third, ask your fiancé and both families to provide a preliminary guest list, or at least number of guests they wish to invite. She says this is a huge consideration prior to seeking a venue. 

Fourth, do your homework. Contact venues and find out the size of the space and how many people they can fit. Look at the financial cost of the venue before you go and see it. This also includes your church if you are not getting married at your venue. Then book your venue.

Lastly, once your venue is booked, look at the primary vendors you want to book including photography, music, DJ’s vs. Bands, ceremony music, florist and video. Then decide what the most important aspects are and then again, do your homework!