(WTNH)- It’s the holiday season and winter break is quickly approaching. Many families travel during the holidays both locally and at a distance. When traveling with children and adolescents there are some key issues that parents should be aware of that will help make their trip, near or far more enjoyable.

Dr. Ryan Loss with Connecticut Behavioral Health came to Good Morning Connecticut to talk about tips for your upcoming road trip with the kids. Loss said preparation is key.  It’s always recommended that parents prepare for the upcoming trip. Some parents may want to surprise their children/adolescents with a trip which Loss says is fine but he says parents should have a plan.Parents of young and older children/adolescents should make sure they have a plan for entertaining their children and the adolescent for entertaining themselves during the car ride or plane ride. Every family will handle this differently dependent on the child and family practices. Some parents may elect to go the electronic route. Loss says electronic use should be limited.

Loss said his second tip is scheduling. Having a plan for what you’re going to do on vacation is important to manage behavior and emotions. Children and adolescents like to know what’s going on and what they will be doing. It provides a sense of calm. Sharing the proposed schedule with them and allowing them an opportunity to participate in planning is recommended.

And the third travel tip is consistency. Loss says it relates to scheduling. Loss says keep the daily schedule as consistent as possible around eating and sleeping. Some children/adolescents are very sensitive to the time they go to sleep and when they wake up as well as how frequently they need to eat. Trying to keep sleep and wake times as well as meal times as consistent as possible is important.