CONNECTICUT (WTNH) — Connecticut has seen some interesting weather patterns this year, making matters more serious is that four counties were listed as having Stage 3 drought conditions in October

The state even had record-breaking warm temperatures for November. So, what does that mean for winter? 

Well, we went to News 8’s Chief Meteorologist Gil Simmons to find out.

“My personal experience with forecasting a general winter season overview hinges on a few key things to watch or identify,” he said. “A busy tropical season has preceded snowy winters here. La Niña or colder than average Pacific Ocean temperatures favor a snowy pattern for us.”

He said both apply for this year.

Simmons said he expects Connecticut will have a busy and snowy winter season.

“I expect quite a few systems to move in our direction. The issue will be how long the cold air stays over Connecticut as storms approach.”

But it isn’t just snowstorms, Simmons projects we’ll see ice storms too. 

“We could see a series of snow to ice to rainstorms that track up the Interstate 95 corridor. Others may end up just offshore. I expect at least six statewide snow events with each dropping six inches or more. I also expect many ‘snow to slop’ or icy, rain mix events too!”

“Historically, some summer and fall droughts have been erased by busy following winters too,” he added. “I expect slightly above the climatological normal 28” snow [approximated] average at the shoreline and 41” inland [approximated average] this coming winter. I also predict some very large temperature variations with the cold giving way to thaws.”

He said now is the best time to test out your snow blower and find your snow gear.

“Winter is likely coming to town soon! Don’t say I didn’t tell you so! Thank you for taking a look at my Winter 2020-2021 forecast thoughts!”