BRANFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — A tornado ripped through Branford Saturday, and cleanup looks like it is just beginning in some spots.

“We just started seeing trees come down, and we ran into the basement,” Ilario Suppo said.

An EF0 tornado trimmed a sky-high pine tree as it ripped across his backyard. The top of it is now in his neighbor’s yard.

He had to place a tarp over part of his roof where the shingles were ripped off, but Suppo’s lucky. The other neighbor lost part of his back deck.

“It was amazing how fast it was and how much damage happened in a short amount of time,” Suppo said.

Edward Grant with K & J Tree Service said the phones haven’t stopped ringing with people needing help.

The tornado touched down Saturday, but the damage is so extensive, public works and private crews are still busy Monday, clearing roads of downed trees and shorn-off branches.

On Whiting Farm Road, nearly every tree on the center island was damaged or uprooted. You can’t see across the road.

“As long as everyone is okay, that’s what’s important,” Bernadette Franco said as she continued cleaning up her yard.

Franco is thankful. Her yard was hit hard last summer with straight-line winds, which may have turned out to be a blessing, leaving no trees near her house.

“It seems like tornadoes are the new normal where they never were, so we have a tried and true process to hit the ground running,” Grant said.