MYSTIC, Conn. (WTNH) – The clean-up has begun before Tropical Storm Elsa even arrives. A street sweeper made its way through Groton pushing aside any debris along the road.

“They’re just cleaning off the top of the catch basins to make sure all the stormwater can get into the basins,” said Greg Hanover, Groton Public Works Director.

Public works crews were certainly sharpening their tools to make sure they can handle whatever Elsa drops along the shoreline. 

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“We’re getting all our chainsaws ready,” said Hanover. “We’ve got our fuel tanks all topped off. Generators have all been checked out.”

Public works crews have a garage full of signs and sandbags for any occasion or really any emergency in town. But most likely they’ll be using their “Water Over Road” signs tomorrow.

There could be flooding on a few roads along the Mystic River like Gravel Street as well as  Water Street near Fort Rachel Marina, which traditionally floods when big storms hit and the tide is high. That will be at 10 a.m Friday.

“That’s gonna be troublesome for some of those areas,” said Hanover. 

If high winds hit that could also be troublesome for Adventure Mystic which has dozens of paddleboards, kayaks, and bikes ready to be rented.

“If the wind speed gets high enough we will rent a U-Haul truck, pack it up, and take everything out of here,” said Jeff Jodoin, owner of Adventure Mystic.

“Tropical storm – we’re New Englanders. We can handle that,” said Mystic resident Patrick Burns.

He isn’t worried but he’ll still take some precautions in case the winds really start whipping.

“Certainly the patio furniture and things like that but not overly concerned,” said Burns.

“I’ll check out your weather report later and see if I should do more.”