NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – A large storm is bringing heavy rain, strong winds, and flash flooding to Connecticut on Tuesday and Wednesday.

News 8’s Samaia Hernandez is tracking the storm that will be lasting throughout the day.

Like with Storms Elsa and Henri over the summer, this week’s storm is expected to cause streams and rivers to rise rapidly, creating possible flooding on some roadways as storm drains can clog up due to leaves.

Storm Team 8 is projecting between 2 to 4 inches of rain to fall.

Power outages are possible due to the wind gusts. Power outages are also more likely due to the trees still being filled with leaves.

As part of your storm prep, cities and towns encourage you to clean the leaves out of the storm drain to curb the flooding.

A Flash Flood Watch is in effect Monday night through Wednesday for Hartford, Litchfield, Tolland, and Windham counties.

Power Outages

Power outages are possible due to wind gusts, and with leaves still on trees, it could make things worse.

Eversource is already preparing their equipment, everything from transformers, poles, and lines.

Frank Poirot of Eversource told News 8 on Monday, “We are going to have crews out, at night actual line crews in their trucks chasing down trouble spots…Throughout [Monday] night we are going to be getting a lot of rain so by daybreak [Tuesday] the root system will be pretty saturated and we are a little concerned about that.”

With the soft ground, the second punch of the storm begins to build on Tuesday morning with strong winds. 

“We’re also concerned about leaves being on the trees during the gusty winds,” Poirot explained. “It makes them a little bit more vulnerable to being taken out by the wind.”

And while Eversource may have their crews in place and ready to rehang parts of the power grid, the strong winds are dangerous for the bucket trucks. Workers have to wait until the winds subside enough to put their rigs safely into the air. 

“It is sort of a slow-moving storm, as it moves through [Tuesday], that is another concern. It’s not going to be here and gone in a couple of hours.”

Eversource also says downed power lines and hanging wires could be a real danger. A hanging cable wire could end up touching an electrical wire, become electrified then fall on the ground and touch a guard rail and electrify a guard rail the entire length of a street. It’s also possible it could touch a tree electrify that, as well.

Eversource asks that if you see a down powerline stay away. Report it, and drive around it.

United Illuminating is also preparing. They have roving crews out and have moved their equipment to strategic locations so they will be ready if and when the grid starts to go down.

Keep your News 8 app handy for any updates if you lose power.

You can find Eversource power outages here and United Illuminating power outages here.

Are you ready?

With the possibility of flooding and outages, emergency crews always recommend having a supply kit ready, full of bottled water, canned food, and also pet food.

Also, charge your phones and other electronic devices ahead of the storm in case you lose power. Make sure your generators are set up outside and ready to go.

Liz Turgeon in Hartford told News 8 Monday evening she thinks she’s prepared as much as she can. “I mean I guess so. I just really make sure my electronics are charged because my biggest concern is losing the internet because without that you have nothing. “

For information on generator safety, click here.

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