NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — The truth is when you’re looking at the temperature on your car’s dashboard, it does not tell you the full story — once you bring wind into the picture.

Well, think about it this way. It’s a hot and sunny day at the beach. You step into the water to cool off as soon as you get out of the water. A gust of wind comes and suddenly you feel freezing.

Well, did the actual temperature change? In this instance, the water evaporating off your body makes you feel colder.

A slightly different, but similar issue happens in the winter because your skin is warm. A cold gust of wind also results in that warm layer that surrounds you being replaced by cold air.

It’s called heat loss and is what makes you feel so much colder when you don’t bundle up in the winter. There is an easy trick to fix this issue.

The trick is to wear more clothes and cover up your exposed skin as the wind can penetrate through your clothing. The heat that your body makes will naturally stay closer to you.

To help with windchills, you can wear hats, gloves and several layers of clothing.

To calculate a windchill yourself, click here.