NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Throughout the morning, we’ve gone from mild temperatures and a light rain to all snow. Fortunately, the ground has warm enough to keep it from sticking much to the city streets and sidewalks.

It felt more like a spring rain early Thursday morning, and cars and trucks zipped up I-91 in New Haven. But around 8 a.m., the rain turned to snow. Fortunately, the state was prepared.

“We started bringing people in as of midnight last night,” Connecticut Department of Transportation Commissioner Joe Giuletti said. “We have over 800 drivers in, 600 trucks stand at the ready. What we had to do yesterday was load all those trucks up with salt, get them ready to go out there.”

State and local departments are all battling Covid-19-related staff shortages. In New Haven, garbage truck drivers are doing double duty spreading salt and sand.

“We had to move our trash pickup,” New Haven Emergency Operations Commissioner Rick Fontana said. “We normally pick up in the morning. We start at 5 a.m. Yesterday [Wednesday], really to make sure we had enough plow truck drivers, we did our refuse pickup last night.”

The temperatures are expected to keep plummeting Thursday into Friday. That means the city is already thinking ahead and implementing the cold weather protocol by opening up warmer centers for the next week and a half because it is going to stay that cold.

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