(WTNH) — Spring is in the air and you may be eager to get planting. Some things can be planted now, but others will need to wait.

“The soil is too cold and the soil is too wet. And a part of the soil being too wet is that we’ve had a lot of snow for a long time.”

That’s Scott Hickman from Growers Inc in New Haven, and he’s right. That snow has helped fill the reservoirs and crush our rainfall deficit, but it will delay you from getting out later this week and trying to plant, and that stands true to even hearty crops!

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“If we get a hard freeze, which we most certainly will, it’s going to die,” Hickman said.

So what can you do?

“We start seedlings of cold weather plants like broccoli, and even some cauliflower, peas, kale, lettuce, things like that.”

If you don’t have indoor space, that’s fine too!

When will you be able to get out and plant?

Well, it’s going to be a while. For most typical garden plants like tomatoes, wait until after our last frost. That usually takes until about the end of April into the middle of May which is why waiting until around Mother’s Day is the best bet.

Some early-season crops like peas and broccoli can be planted in about three weeks, same with some flowers like tulips, but it’s still too early to do that now.

For now, just get out and enjoy the nice weather coming up, get a plan in place for the garden, and soak up the sunshine as we move closer and closer to spring.