HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — With blizzard conditions and dangerously cold temperatures, a stranded driver can get in trouble quickly.

“The colonel will have all of his troops fully staffed and prepared to assist any DOT or motorists that are on the road,” said Connecticut State Police Commissioner James Rovella.

If you do slide off the road, it takes troopers longer to respond, not only because of the blizzard-like conditions but because more snow means more accidents to respond to.

“We are going to respond as fast as we can but our call volume fluctuates all the time so it might not be within a couple minutes for us to get there, it could be an extended period of time,” said State Police Sergeant Matthew Herz.

Because of the amount of snow and the winds drifting it onto the highways, the state has put the National Guard on standby.

“Our National Guard partners are also in place to assist if needed. As far as the emergency management side goes, the EOC will be open on a limited basis tomorrow,” Rovella said.

Officials ask that you stay inside if you do not have to go out Saturday.

Those who do venture out are advised to be prepared with warm blankets, snacks, water and a fully charged cell phone. Drivers are also asked to stay away from the plows and give them distance.

“A driver looking to pass the echelon of plows, they put themselves in peril, they put the drivers at risk. It’s just not a good situation all the way around,” said Connecticut Department of Transportation Deputy Commissioner Mark Rolfe.

Troopers said many of the people who spin out in a roadside ditch do not have a reason for being on the highway.

“’I’m going to rent a movie, I just wanna drive around because it’s nice, we are in New England, and it’s snowing… I have to videotape this for my family down south and send it to them…’ I’ve heard everything over the years,” Herz said.

He said the number one problem is not the snow, but the drivers. They are driving too fast for conditions or they do not understand the conditions and they are not prepared.

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