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True or False: Lightning Safety


NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — True or False? It’s the tires on your car that helps keep you safe in a thunderstorm. The answer is actually false.

Even though rubber is a good insulator of electricity, it’s not strong enough to help keep you safe in a thunderstorm. The metal surrounding your car is though, it’s called the Faraday cage, but if you’re touching any metal you will also be struck by lightning if your car is struck by lightning.

True or false? Standing near metal is a good things in a thunderstorm. The answer is false. Lightning loves metal so stay away if you can!

True or false? The hair on the back of your head will stand up before being struck by lightning. True! Electrical charges in the atmosphere can make your hair stand up, a sure sign that lightning is about to strike.

True or false? Being in the water at the beach is a safe place to be in a storm? False! Water conducts electricity so head indoors or into your car as soon as you hear thunder.

True or false? If you’re stuck outside in a thunderstorm going under a pavilion is a safe place for you to go? The answer is false. even though you might have your head covered from any rain that might be falling, lightning can strike the concrete or any metal pilling around you and then you too will be struck by lightning.

True or false? A dog is more safe than a person outside in a thunderstorm. False! Dogs have just as high of a risk as people in a storm.

While most of these seem a little bit like a no brainer, 24,000 people across the world die every single year due to lightning deaths, and even though you or one of your friends may not have been struck before, it doesn’t mean that it can’t happen to you!

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