(WTNH) — As of Monday, Connecticut had its first heatwave of the 2020 season. So what is a heatwave?

A heatwave is different depending on where you live. Here in New England, three consecutive days of 90 degrees or hotter signify a heatwave.

In other parts of the world, you need three consecutive days above 104 degrees. And in the Netherlands, a heatwave is five days of temps above 77 degrees.

Tuesday was day four above 90 degrees here in Connecticut, but it’s not even close to the longest stretch we’ve seen. Back in 2016, we had 10 days in a row with temps 90 or above, we also did it in 1995 a few weeks after our hottest temperature ever recorded in Connecticut was reached. That was 106 degrees on July 15 in Danbury.

So how can you beat the heat? Well, you can go to the beach. The water temperature is only in the 60s this time of year, so it’s much cooler near the beach. Also, keep your hair wet if you have to spend a while outside, and obviously stay hydrated and indoors if the humidity is getting to you.