Why is this year’s pollen count especially bad? What can you do to help from suffering?


(WTNH) — As we’ve been saying for weeks, the pollen count continues to be high. We explain why this year is especially bad, and what you can do to help from suffering this spring.

For those of you who are suffering from seasonal allergies, this year has been absolutely terrible.

We’ve all gotten used to it…wearing masks inside and out…and that is part of the reason this season is particularly bad for allergy sufferers.

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Ryan Steele, DO, Yale Medicine Allergist told News 8, “You know, long before COVID existed, a lot of these masks were called ‘pollen masks’ and they’ve been used quite successfully for many years to decrease peoples exposure to pollen.”

So now that the masks are off, and people are breathing in the fresh air. That’s problem Number 1. Number 2 is the weather. It’s been very dry, and worse it’s been very windy. That’s why cars are covered in pollen!

But you don’t have to suffer. Showering when you go inside, wearing a hat, and long sleeves will help. If not, cue the experts.

As the years go by, we have more and more treatment options. From simple as over-the-counter medicine to specialized therapy like allergy shots or sublingual immunotherapy- which are under the tongue tablets you can take from home – that can actually make you less allergic to the things that are causing your symptoms.

So the punchline is, you don’t have to completely avoid the outdoors to enjoy yourself during the warm weather season. Whether it means wearing a mask or taking a couple of pills, this is the time of the year that you should be getting out and enjoying mother nature.

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