(WTNH) — The winter started off like this: Record-breaking cold for a record length of time in Connecticut, weeks of below-freezing temps, ice jams, and lots of frozen pipes.

To be honest, we really expected this. It’s a very high amplitude pattern, featuring periods of very cold weather and periods of much warmer weather.

Now, obviously we paid the price earlier this winter with the extreme cold we saw, so what’s in store for the rest of the month of February?Related Content: Ice jam conditions improving in Kent

Beach weather in February? Okay, maybe not. But our temperatures are expected to be quite a bit warmer than average for most of the rest of this month.

During the middle of February, we typically see high temperatures in the upper 30s. During the morning, our lows should be in the 20s, but that is not the trend over the next few weeks at all. Here is where you can expect our numbers to be over the next week and a half.

Into the last week of February, our average temperature will be around eight degrees warmer than average at the shoreline. For inland areas away from the cold water of Long Island Sound, the temperature difference will be even greater. We should see high temps around 10 degrees warmer than average for the next few weeks.

By the way, as we head through the end of the month, our average high temperature will start to approach the mid 40s, but don’t plant the garden just yet. We routinely do see below-freezing temperatures and snow through the entire month of March and into the beginning of April. If our forecast models are correct, we may still have more wintry weather left during the month of March.