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Dos and don’ts when warming up your car, de-icing your windshield this winter


CONNECTICUT (WTNH) — Dealing with an icy windshield and a freezing cold car can be such a pain, especially when you’re rushing out the door for your morning commute.

But did you know how you defrost that icy windshield actually matters?

No? Then let us explain. There are two types of mornings when dealing with this feat: Ones that are cold, and the ones that are colder, snowy and frosty.

So, what is safe to use when your windshield has iced over?

“The simplest thing to do is use a de-icer which will help you de-ice the windshield,” explained Fran Mako, AAA Northeast spokesperson.

Don’t have any de-icer? Just make your own by combining two parts 70% isopropyl alcohol with one part water and add a few drops of dish soap. Or, just use your defrosters.

Transportation departments prepare the roads for winter weather by using magnesium chloride and lots of other chemicals, so be sure to wash the undercarriage of your car to remove all of those chemicals.

Have a frozen lock? Put a little hand sanitizer inside. Then, stick the key in, wiggle it around a little bit, twist it and your door should open right up.

Nowadays, newer cars have fuel injection that helps your car run great when cold. You can save money — and time — by letting your car warm up for about 30 seconds. Take it easy for the first five to 10 minutes, and you’ll be good to go!

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